Thursday, June 2, 2016

Free Chapter Friday

TGIF, readers. Chapter 4 of CHASING ETERNITY is now live.

It's been a busy week but a good one. My mom and I went to see a couple of mystery writers and an agent speak at our local library last night, which was great. I also loaded up on books - for a buck a bag, how could I resist? Not that I have any place in my house to shelve them. . .
I came across this excerpt from a letter in which Emily Dickinson's publisher essentially trashes her poetry. Which certainly explains why she avoided publishing in her lifetime; it was only after her death that relatives (and, oddly enough, her brother's mistress) pushed to get her work out there. I love these kinds of things because they emphasize how important it is to continue on with your own ideas, your own stories or poems, regardless of what anybody else thinks.

"It has always seemed to me unwise to perpetuate Miss Dickinson's poems. They are quite as remarkable for defects as for beauties & are generally devoid of true poetical qualities. If, however, Miss (Lavinia) Dickinson will pay for the plates, we will publish them at our expense a small ed, say 500 . . . "

In other news, I received first-round edits for WRAITH this week and am working on those. The next couple of weeks will be wild because my daughter is Oberon in a Midsummer Night's Dream dance recital. Oh, and I'll be watching a seven-month-old and a two-year-old the following week.

New Review

New Review
Loving this review on Riverina Romantics.

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