Monday, May 2, 2016

New Contracts

Thrilled to announce that Wraith, my Shadow World prequel novella and Shift, the first book in the series, have been contracted with Wild Rose Press's new Fantasy line. I'm very excited to start the editing process and best of all I get to work with Ally Robertson, my editor for the Crimson Rose line.

Here are the blurbs for both:


Sixteen years ago Kira Chiklak’s mother promised her a miracle on Christmas morning. Instead she woke to the news that her brother was dead. The 20-year-old Alaskan pilot’s dreams have always told her the future but have never revealed the secrets of her past.

Now Kira’s dreams are warning her another child in Amarok is in danger of meeting the same fate her brother did. As Kira races to save Annie Michaels’ life she comes to believe her past and Annie’s future are inextricably linked.

The last thing Hunter Jackson expects to do during Spring Break is unravel a mystery. When Kira asks for his assistance he can’t refuse her request. But can he help her protect Annie when his own heart is at risk?


Haley Sawyer’s father gave his life to cure her deadly blood disorder but he couldn’t save her from the side effects that turned her world upside down. After a terrifying incident at a New England high school the student teacher quits her job and sets off for Alaska, where she hopes to unravel the mystery of her childhood.

Cody Chiklak has spent years as a the subject of a research experiment gone wrong. When his escape from Arcticon’s northern research facility leads him to Haley, his only desire is to create a new identity as far away from the north as possible. But he soon learns his past binds him to the mysterious redhead—and to her vow to avenge her father’s death.

In other announcements, Collateral Risk, the follow-up to Collateral Damage is entering the final round of edits.

Photo above by Stephanie Belle.

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