Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day Off

Lately I've been at sort of at an in-between point when it comes to writing, with several projects in the "research" stage. So I've been indulging my reading addiction, scarfing down just about anything I can get my hands on. I finally got around to reading Girl on the Train and my first Kathy Reich's novel. Not to mention suspense novels by Tami Hoag, Laura Griffin, Chevy Chase, Kimberly Belle, Karen Rose, Maggie Shayne, Lisa Jackson, Karen White, Kay Hooper, Allison Brennan and Iris Johansen. I've also been getting into magical realism and women's fiction, I guess you'd call it - I've belatedly discovered Sarah Addison Allen and Susan Wiggs (I'd read her historicals but not the contemporaries). Last but not least, I just indulged my mermaid obsession the other day by picking up a copy of Susan Donovan's Moondance Beach, which is set on an island in my home state. Oh, and then there are all the used Amazon books I've got on order, as well as fellow TWRP author Marilyn Baron's Sixth Sense.  Guess I should do some cleaning too....   

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