Wednesday, July 3, 2013


When attorney Blake Cartwright abandons a successful career to turn a dilapidated lighthouse into an inn, everybody thinks she's gone a little bit crazy. After witnessing a body fall from the tower, Blake wonders if they might be right. According to local legend, the spirit of a former keeper's wife lures women to their deaths in the icy water below. Has Blake witnessed a suicide, seen a ghost--or is she just seeing things? 

Declan Hunter, the mysterious man she hires to help with renovations, doesn't help matters. The man with the Navy SEAL physique claims to be nothing more than a local handyman, but Blake's instincts warn her not to trust him. As the mystery deepens, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous labyrinth of secrets, lies, and murder. But the most serious danger of all may be falling for a man determined to leave her. (Republished August 2015 under Amazon Encore)


"This was a fantastic story that I just couldn't put down. From the very first chapter, I was hooked and Ms. Haines held my attention until the very last word. I absolutely loved the storyline." - Five Stars, Night Owl Romance, A Top Pick Review

"I really liked the story. It's right up there with something you'd read by Linda Howard and even Nora Roberts with a little Sandra Brown tossed in there. If you are a fan of any of those ladies, you are going to like this book." -Sara Strand, Sara's Organized Chaos Blog

"So I just finished VERTIGO by Gwenan Haines and loved this CR! I totally don't want to spoil this book for you, so I'm going to give a bit of a teaser and simply say, buy it. VERTIGO is an action packed, suspenseful romance about lighthouses, ghosts, history, drugs and the DEA. Did I mention I really enjoyed this book? From the start it grabs you and doesn't let go." -Toot's Book Reviews

"I loved this book!" -Riverina Romantics

"I absolutely recommend this book to everyone!" -Authors to Watch

"If you like romantic suspense, you will love this one!" -Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

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