Monday, April 30, 2012

Cover & Blurb for Vertigo

Here's the new cover and blurb for my romantic suspense novel, Vertigo, which is forthcoming from The Wild Rose Press. I continue to be so impressed by how fast and professional everyone at TWRP is. So glad I'm working with them. I should get first-round edits in May. Yay!

Here's the blurb: When attorney Blake Cartwright abandons a successful career to turn a dilapidated lighthouse into an inn, everybody she knows thinks she’s gone a little bit crazy.  After witnessing a body fall from the tower she begins to wonder if they were right. According to local legend, the spirit of a former keeper’s wife lures women to jump to their deaths into the icy water below. Has she witnessed a suicide or seen a ghost?

Declan Hunter, the mysterious man she hires to help her renovate the lighthouse, doesn’t help matters. The man with the NAVY Seal physique claims to be nothing more than a local handyman but Blake’s instincts warn her not to trust him. As the mystery deepens she finds herself drawn into a dangerous labyrinth of secrets, lies and murder. But the most serious danger of all may be falling for a man determined to leave her.

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